MAKE CHAIRMAN’S EMAILS AVAILABLE TO TOURISM COMMUNITY: Mr Akunu Dake, Chairman of the GTA board and Mr Edem Kpodo, the GTDC board chair.

Posted on December 20, 2013


Board of Directors GTA

This article appeared in today’s online Daily Graphic and it has prompted me to write a madinghana post on a series of comments I’ve placed on the Ghana Tourism Authority Facebook page. They appear following my HAPPY TOURISM TUESDAY greetings and under GTA and GTD Committees inaugurated

Here’s a synopsis of the comments. And at the end of this post a comment on the fact that like the recently held National Ghana Tourism Authority Awards ceremony, the committees have been reconstituted after quite some time…..

1. If two committees are not going to touch the politically hot potato of SCRAP SHORT TERM TOURIST VISAS TO GHANA, they could address the issue of the Castle Osu that was vacated by the presidency and was recommended by the president to be converted into a tourist attraction.
Osu Castle
The only real stumbling bolock would be going head to head with the venerable outspoken K.B. Asante who has serious issues with converting the castle into a tourist attraction, ugh…my, the emotive language the castle will die…give me a break….
KB Asante

2. And another issue the two committees can deal with to earn their stipends is credit card access for small and medium business. I refer specifically to VISA. Once upon a time it was possible to get the facility through a local bank, but then all of a sudden the bank came without notice and said there was too much credit card fraud and they were taking the machine away and that an application would have to be made through the bank’s foreign head-office in SOUTH AFRICA. This was the story at Four Villages Inn that had credit card facilities for years that worked flawlessly…
credit card
Incidentally, I brought to the attention of the committee, the Trip Advisor list of most essential hotel amenities to support my recommendation that the committees work in this area.

Now for the reconstitution…two committees…where none functioned before for years….has this anything to do with the new 1% Tourism Levy? That’s a rhetorical question if you didn’t know. Oh well, if there are going to be committees, let them we accessable…at least the Chairmans’ contacts until the secretary’s have been named.

That is Mr Akunu Dake, Chairman of the GTA board and Mr Edem Kpodo, the GTDC board chair.

Why am I so outspoken? Because Four Villages Inn pays the 1% tourism levy, NOT FOUR VILLAGES INN GUESTS. So Four Villages Inn demands accessability and thus hopefully accountability from the two committees. Four Villages Inn has demands…movement on The Castle..why should there be an impasse on that one; and, of course, the credit card situation..reestablishing the local authorization of international banks to approve VISA facilities for small and medium high end hospitality establishments.