President John Mahama Needs Your Help –

Posted on January 14, 2014


This was published on January 12. I saw it on the 13th, but was busy and couldn’t immediately use it on the SCRAP SHORT TERM TOURIST VISAS TO GHANA campaign. I was taking guests on a tour around Kumasi and promised myself I would post the opinion piece on the 14th. Ugh, mistake. Now I can’t access the article. This is the closest I get, the initial paragraphs. Hit the link button and you’ll get the Spy Ghana web site where I’ve search high and low for the item.

Sometimes I wonder, Is it a result of my lack of social media skills that this campaign isn’t going anywhere. This is some proof. I am geeting exasperated and sometimes my items are going over the top in trying to get attention.

But still I perservere. Hell, nine months in…I’m not giving up now. Sure is a challenge. Next step-get the article out of Spy Ghana, ugh… I’ve sent numerous attempts requesting the link…of all the links unaccessable…the one that asks for citizen involvement, citizen input to help out our ailing president!

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