Posted on January 21, 2014


Again I sent Hon. Hanna this tweet on unemployment and how tourism could help provide jobs:

“@HannaTetteh youth unemployment-u can do something about it! “ease visa restrictions” 1st dialogue join Scrap on FB!”

And, for a second time, her Hon. Hanna replied, much the same as she did the first time months back quoted here:

“@HannaTetteh: @madinghana I appreciate your concerns, but we have other issues to address, which may be of no matter to you but are in the public interest”

“@HannaTetteh: @madinghana thank you Mr Scott for your activism & your point of view, for now my position will not change.”

Now, yesterday January 19th, Hanna tweeted:

…..Hanna Tetteh ‏@HannaTetteh 20h @visafreeghana I appreciate your passion, but posting this tweet & variations of same as a campaign doesn’t impact my views on this issue.

…and I replied: visafreeghana ‏@visafreeghana 20h
@HannaTetteh Thanks 4 replying. Why still “not now” to 30 day tourist visa policy change. Gh needs innovation, re-branding to be competitive

….and I replied again: visafreeghana ‏@visafreeghana 20h @HannaTetteh joining scrap does NOT mean u support-u would read many revelations from the community/yr electorate-like Togo incident, ugh.

A Facebook friend of the minister informed me that “a debate” was taking place on the Minister’s Facebook Page. I searched for the minister’s FB account only to discover there were a whole lot of Hanna Tetteh Facebook accounts. So I messaged her Facebook friend for details and was informed about the photo and the number of comments. I went to that particular page but could not join as it had reached the maximum limit of friends. I informed Honorable Hanna’s FB friend and he told me “to brace myself” that the conversation was full of insult and was threatening.

He messaged me the conversation…first Hanna’s opinion on the scrap campaign then a slew of nasty comments all supporting the minister, except the person who was so outraged by the conversation that the person informed ME!

The conversation concluded with the Minister suggesting her friends join the Scrap Short Term Tourist Visas to Ghana page.

I’m not sure if I can copy and paste from the Minister’s personal FB page, her disparaging comment on the scrap campaign and the harsh comments she solicited from her FB friends.

I do want to post on her page a repeat invitation for her friends to join scrap page.

“@HannaTetteh @visafreeghana @ghanatourismGTA FB friends of H.H, u r invited to SCRAP SHORT TERM TOURIST VISAS TO GHANA FB pg-democracy yes!”

so, advise Scrappers…should I post it?

A concluding comment: I am aghast that the Minister took the conversation to her FB friends, and not to her own Ministry, nor to the Ministry of Tourism. Inclusive governance is truly lacking.

to be continued