Posted on February 21, 2014


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This article entitled “unwto-strongly-condemns-attack-on-tour” appeared on the Tourism in Ghana kept up by the Ghana Tourism Authority FB page. Gawd knows why??? Yes, it relates to tourism, but Ghana…and yet there is a connection…

Here’s the conversation that took place:

Me (Christopher Scott): how peaceful Ghana is!

Tourism in Ghana: Sure…and we need to guard it

Christopher Scott Yes, but Egyptians, in whose country this attack took place, can enter Ghana without a visa and SMH what about Nigerians and their Boko Haram and their human traffickers!!!! Protective visa regulations are targeting the WRONG nationalities. Why don’t the coordinating ministries/departments meet and discuss the anomalies in policy and how they are victimizing Ghana’s economic development????? You at the Min of Tourism can lead!
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and me again: and did you see this? looks like a visa system should be set up with Ghana and her neighbours to curb voluntary migration of the young girls for prostitution across the porous borders. And of course to stop the forced variety as well. International leisure tourists are NOT what the GoG should fear!

End of conversation…

Interesting, on this very day the Egyptian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs visited Ghana. I wonder if the Egyptian minister spoke to his Ghanaian counterpart about tourism, celebrating Ghana’s political stability and suggesting perhaps a tourist visa free regime like that established for the Red Sea luxury resort town of Sharm El Sheikh.

And an aside, I wonder if the detention of Al jazeera journalists in Egypt was discussed. Ghana has a great reputation on the world stage for respecting freedom of speech and freedom of the press.