Posted on February 24, 2014


paa kwesi

……as a hotelier!

This is a follow-up on a recent previous post entitled “GHANAIAN TOURISM, THE FOREIGN EXCHANGE CRISIS AND PAPA KWESI NDUOM”

First, Pa Kwesi complains about foreign hotel chains getting incentives that he, as a local hotel chain owner, doesn’t get:

“We even import services. When our governments need investment banking advice, road construction, legal advice, technology advice, it turns to foreign companies. Our banking rules favour foreign investors over Ghanaians. The same with telecommunications as it is dominated by foreign interests. Foreign hotel chains get tax incentives and local ones like Coconut Grove Hotels a provider of jobs outside Accra, is constantly denied tax incentives. Coconut Grove has had to construct its own roads, provide water and electricity infrastructure while it collects significant VAT amounts for the government’s Treasury.”

Second, he complains about the lack of government consultation and collaboration with his establishment in his home riding:

“In Elmina, none of the Municipal Chief Executives PNDC/NDC/NPP has arranged a meeting to discuss the needs of this significant Ghanaian employer or even how to collaborate for local development. And yet tourism is one of the top earners of foreign exchange for the country. The point is, we must support our own to grow and prosper as a prerequisite for strengthening the economy. Discussion on such matters must necessarily exclude political propaganda or else our own people will continue to stand still or worse go backwards.”

Well, Pa Kwesi, it’s been a long time coming, you writing about the hotel business in general and your Coconut Grove chain in particular. I think you should approach your national business association with your two complaints . I refer specifically to the GHANA HOTELS ASSOCIATION.
I have been a committed member of the Ghana Hotels Association for the past fifteen years and, I’m sorry and I hope I am wrong on this one, I can’t ever remember any active participation from Pa Kwesi Nduom, Ghana’s most politically powerful and surely one of Ghana’s richest local hotelier in the country. Business must be non-partisan! AUGH, SUCH IS GHANA’S CIVIL SOCIETY!

Well, Pa Kwesi, again might I suggest you bring your complaints to the next National Executive Committee meeting to be held just down the road from your hometown. Yes, in mid March the GHANA HOTELS ASSOCIATION is holding its first NEC meeting of 2014 in Takoradi and I’m sure your presence would provide a big boost to this fledgling civil society association.