Posted on March 27, 2014


This post is dedicated to all the hospitality establishments outside of Accra or for that matter Takoradi….

coffee corner

This FB conversation took place the other day. It’s not the first time the venerable Professor Anyimadu and I have NOT seen eye to eye.

Amos Anyimadu
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I have the Coffee Corner to myself, well, except that the US Navy is here too, Training Ship in Sekondi. They found out on the web that Coffee Corner is number one. That is true and it could be my post.
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Christopher Scott
US Navy-in and out of port! International leisure tourists in and around GHANA spending and experiencing the joys and challenges of Ghana. Too bad Ghanaians like you and Hon Hanna value Ghanaians leaving their country more than development from within…
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Amos Anyimadu Sir, I would not want to argue too bluntly with you because of your age and good works. Factor in what the pirates are doing to our Gulf of Guinea.

Over time I have learnt not to continue Facebook conversations like this…they go nowhere..

But pursuing the topic on my blog allows me to share it with the 400+ SCRAP SHORT TERM TOURIST VISA TO GHANA Facebook group members.

So, to keep this short..wt_ does pirates in the Gulf of Guinea have to do with international leisure tourism to Ghana?

This reminds of a diasporan Ghanaian, Toziah Kbd who “owns” a Facebook group GHANA TOURIST COACH. Awhile back he was pushing for an increase in domestic tourism alluding to a spreading threat to Ghana’s borders by Boko Haram. This took place when there was an incident on the Niger, Cameroon, Nigeria border! WT_! Sorry…

Incidentally, I can’t give you a link to Ghana Tourist Coach FB group because I was banished from the group unceremoniously.

All these red herrings… WHY?

And oh yes, my age? what’s my age got to do with anything? And I’m still scratching my head about “good works”….