Posted on April 12, 2014


This post is dedicated to all the Ghana Bloggers meeting today at #BlogCamp14 in Accra. We have much work to do!


I was only going to post about Lufthansa laying on the A330 on the Accra-Frankfurt-Accra run to replace the 737 thus doubling the passenger capacity. Great news for Ghana tourism. Needless to say, I posted something to this effect on the Scrap Short Term Tourist Visa to Ghana FB group page:

Now, Government of Ghana, open the dialogue on scrapping short term tourist visas to Ghana before the June National Economic Forum proposed by PRESIDENT MAHAMA, GHANA’S HOPE; OUR FUTURE! Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts, Ghana MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS AND REGIONAL INTEGRATION Ghana Tourism Authority

and on my Google+ page:

Congrats Lufthansa! Now Government of Ghana, follow suit and boost business, investment and tourism, must not forget tourism to Ghana, by scrapping stort term tourist visas to Ghanahttp://Lufthansa introduces new aircraft #ssttv2gh #lufthansa #starghana #informghana

Both times I included the Youtube

But, there’s something more topical and it has just appeared on the SCRAP SHORT TERM TOURIST VISAS TO GHANA Facebook page…my reaction “Oh, no.”

Carly Edwards
28 mins
I visited immigration in Accra last week to inquire what a friend needed to do to extend her tourist visa past the 60 days. Besides the slightly arduous process of filling the form, writing a request letter, and coming back later to pick it up, there was a fee of 50 cedis per month. Reasonable enough. Then the kicker: she would also have to register for the costly non-citizen ID card. Needless to say, she’s reconsidering her options. This requirement is another harmful policy to boosting tourism in Ghana.

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