HAPPY EASTER: The Paragliders have risen! Ghana tourism falls…

Posted on April 20, 2014


Easter tourism in Ghana is synonymous with the Ghana Tourism Authority’s annual paragliding event at Kwahu.
It’s the 9th annual event!

Well, today the Ghana Tourism Authority was celebrating the benefits to the local economy in Kwahu on their Facebook page:

Paragliding enrich Kwahu local economy
It is an aviation sport, which had provided a fresh impetuous for the nation’s domestic tourism delivery, as an integral part of the Kwahu Easter festival. The Minister of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts,
Paragliding has added to the country’s domestic tourism by enriching the local economy, generating income, reducing poverty and promoting national cohesion.

My comment:
Christopher Scott:

It’s policy decisions like SCRAP SHORT TERM TOURIST VISAS TO GHANA that will enrich local economies throughout Ghana throughout the year and years!

And to share another comment, the indomitable Ian Utley writes:

Enriching the local economy by employing foreign paragliders?

Bang on Ian Utley-NINE YEARS and still all foreign paragliders!

And here’s the post on the Ghana Tourism Authorities’ site exalting the domestic tourism priority…

But let’s focus on the criticism’s of the event and not on the Ghana Tourism Authority’s official line.

There are other voices out there in the wilderness…and one most outspoken social commentator is Amos Anyimadu of Takoradi. Has he ever come down hard on the Ghana Tourism Authority and do I ever agree wholeheartedly with his criticism: Here’s what he’s posted on the Ghana Tourism Authority’s site lately about its repetitive Easter event:

1. Amos Anyimadu
Ghana Tourism Authority could your over-promotion of the Paragliding event be vulgar and indeed negative?

2. Amos Anyimadu
Shame on you Ghana Tourism Authority Mr. Mills deserves to be sacked if this unthought-through emphasis continues next year.

3. Amos Anyimadu
Which planet is the Ghana Tourism Authority on? I have reason to believe this online presence is operated by a private entity. The Minister should come with a proper discussion paper including a proper costing of the paragliding. Ghana has been associated with gliding since the first man who flew a plane into Ghana, Captain Rattray. Hitler’s own pilot also glided in Ghana. Let us use reason and argument in our tourism promotion.

Hmmm, interesting critiques…to which I commented on Amos’s wall:

Christopher Scott Perceptive observation…lock stepped into the same ole, same ole events every year…choral festival in February, paragliding at Easter, panafest every two years

But the last word to Amos:

Most pictures I have seen of this paragliding thing look very stupid. I believe it is a very weak, accidental idea which has been given far too much carriage than ever deserved. I blame Jake. I look forward to what he would say about his JOSEPH project in his promised book.

Comments? Got a picture to back up Amos’ assertion?