Scrap short term tourist visas to Ghana: Is this why?

Posted on April 21, 2014


After almost a year campaigning, sometimes I think there is no way the scrap short term tourist visas to Ghana campaign can succeed! On a macro level, for so long a time, Ghana, despite all the international hype, fails…and in the tourism sector, there have been nothing but bad memories…. And heaven forbid, if we take on international tourism expectations that we can’t meet….two images that appeared on social media startled me into this thinking…

One from the past:

Takoradi station

This is the Takoradi Station, the train station that stares the Western Region in the face daily, the region that is supposed to be booming with oil money! Takoradi Station was the end of Ghana Railways’ last operating line between Kumasi and Takoradi to run…in the eighties!
Tadi to Ksi train
I took this train often both when I worked at Tarkwa, Western Region and then at Akrokerri, Ashanti in the 70’s. There really weren’t tourists per se back in those days…really the only people who came to Ghana were friends and family of those who were working here, like my mum who visited the Scott family three times..and that’s how we got around! For many decades now though, all that remains are abandoned tracks….
abandoned tracks

And from the present:

Kotoka escalator

This is the escalator at Kotoka International Airport, Accra, that leads to flight departures facilities. It has been broken for months! This really is one of the last impressions of Ghana that travellers are left with when leaving Ghana.

But we mustn’t lose hope in Scrap, nor Ghana…Here are two more images again from the Western Region and again related to tourism.

Again, one from the past…
atlantic hotel, Takoradi

This is a picture of the Atlantic Hotel in Takoradi. At one time it was part of State Hotels chain that went belly up like Ghana Railways, again decades ago. In the 70’s though, in its heyday, Charity and I would dance to the sounds of The Eldorados, here.

And another from the present:

Atlantic Hotel (photo credit Kwei Quartey)

Atlantic Hotel (photo credit Kwei Quartey)

Well, recently it’s been renovated and has resumed operations and of course wants patrons! That’s where scrap short term tourist visas to Ghana comes in…making it easier for the friends and families of oil and mine workers to visit their loved ones….and now international leisure tourists too…if only….

We come full circle!