Posted on April 22, 2014


Leif Paragliding

That was quick! All without an evaluation and assessment of the event just finished. Did it make a profit? After all tourism is an industry, a business, and I’m sure our tax payer cedis-the 1% tourism levy-went to pay the fifteen foreign paragliders expenses and salaries. It kinda smells of personal agendas superseding the public good….

Anyways the second paragliding festival is scheduled in October and is to target the financial community…is that promoting domestic tourism? targeting the people who already have money and mobility. Here’s the announcement.

Meanwhile back on the beach Easter Monday, Ghanaians enjoyed a wonderful day…that they could afford….Once again, I celebrate the Ghanaian NGO NShoreNa, that is taking care of business on Ghana’s 539 km coastline. Now why doesn’t the Ghana Tourism Authority work with or fund NShoreNa to promote domestic tourism. I wonder what percentage of Ghana’s population is within a five or ten cedi tro tro ride to the sea shore? And once there, there is no GH C 200 flight fee to run into the ocean..and think of the proximity to Ghana’s tourism treasures, the castles and forts. I wonder how many Ghanaians have actually visited these world heritage sites.

Cape Coast Castle

Cape Coast Castle

And of course think how family friendly beaches are! Now paragliding…hmmm…
NshoreNa family
and lots and lots of people!
NShoreNa Easter Monday

so Ghana Tourism Authority change your strategy to promote domestic tourism…a biannual paragliding festival does not promote domestic tourism for the masses! And produce a statement of accounts! I pay the 1% tourism levy and so do a lot of other hospitality service providers.