Posted on July 29, 2014


canada day
Yesterday this article regarding the Canadian High Commission in Accra denying visas to a number of Ghanaians wishing to travel to Canada to watch the U20 women’s FIFA World Cup, appeared in the Daily Graphic, the oldest daily in Ghana.

I posted it on the SCRAP SHORT TERM TOURIST VISAS TO GHANA Facebook group page along with this comment:

“Ugh, a blow to ‪#‎scraptouristvisas‬ and consequently to ‪#‎Ghana‬ ! I would imagine this development further entrenches MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS AND REGIONAL INTEGRATION Hanna Tetteh’s position. Again the two “Rs” raise their ugly heads “reciprocation and retaliation“. canadian High Commission”.

You see the Foreign Minister Hanna Tetteh rejected considering scrap in a short exchange on Twitter because Canada does not allow Ghanaians into Canada without a visa. So without reciprocation-R number one, i.e. a bilateral agreement, there will be retaliation-R number 2- through increased stringent regulations.

But the more I rethink this, the more I reject the reasoning. I believe this reason is a ruse, R word number 3. I think it’s simply a case of revenue, R word number 4. It’s the money that is accrued from the sale of visas. But how would that play out in the press if the conversation grew. A whole industry, “the silent export”, the fourth largest earner of foreign exchange after cocoa, gold, Diasporan remittances suppressed because Ghana cannot fund its foreign missions without this source of revenue. No, hinge the argument on emotion, on hurt, on continuous slaps in the face to national and citizen pride. Play the reciprocation/retaliation card and that will kill the dialogue.

Yes, this is an opinion, but I’d like to ask you a question, “Why oh why, doesn’t Ghana have an easy Visa on Arrival regime, one that doesn’t have a US$150 price tag with demanding advance approval?” Why doesn’t Ghana allow you to plunk down your money when you land at Kotoka International Airport and enter into Ghana?

I’ll leave you to answer this question as a comment….Chris Scott, always the teacher, just practicing what the teacher trainer taught. Looking forward to your feedback.

Just to review: R is for RECIPROCATION
R is for RUSE
R is for REVENUE

Join SCRAP SHORT TERM TOURIST VISAS TO GHANA, look for the one comment following the article…anything to add? HOMEWORK! LOL.