The New Future Elite

Posted on September 14, 2014


Barcamp 1

Today, far away in Cape Coast, Ghana, a conference is taking place called Barcamp CapeCoast sponsored by the Ghana Think Foundation. Here is the short press release announcing the event:

Barcamp Cape Coast 2014 is a free networking forum bringing people together for a day of discussion, demos and dialogue on Cape Coast, Ghana and beyond. It will take place on September 13, 2014 at the University of Cape Coast, Faculty of Education Lecture Theatre 9. The theme for this year is Enhancing development through Corporate and Personal Branding. This event will be the 4th BarCamp in Cape Coast as it builds a network of young change makers, doers and entrepreneurs in Ghana.
The GhanaThink Foundation has successfully organized 32 BarCamps in Ghana. Barcamp Cape Coast 2014 will focus on how Ghana’s youth can brand themselves as well as their corporate image. Barcamp Cape Coast will showcase how Corporate and Personal Branding would enhance the total development of the youth. There will be a focus on channeling the present energies around social media into positive developments and progress for Cape Coast and surrounding areas as well. It will be an insightful, informational and inspirational event that young people in and around Cape Coast should not miss.

I announced it on the Scrap Short Term Tourist Visas to Ghana Facebook page. Here’s the notice:

cape coast barcamp

and my comment:

“Good that local conferences have not been banned by the MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS AND REGIONAL INTEGRATION. Here’s a perfect opportunity for a PPP to develop between the Barcamp Cape Coast 2014 and the ghana tourist authority, takoradi / Ghana Tourism Authority to work together on branding Cape Coast, the leading tourist destination in Ghana according to Ghana President John Dramani Mahama I wonder how many internet savvy hotels will attend to share ideas on branding Cape Coast and banding together to project the brand! Hope effort is made to reach out to the hospitality industry. Ɔdadeɛ Ato Ulzen-Appiah”

Cape Coast, and of course Elmina, are at the heart of Ghana Tourism. Recently President Mahama was at Cape Coast for the yearly celebration of the Fetu Afahye Festival when he declared, “Cape Coast is the leading tourist destination in Ghana.” And yet, President Mahama continued “despite being the citadel of education and having many tourist attractions among others, the Central Region is the 4th poorest region in the country.”

My comment on all this was:

“Many tourists go to Cape Coast on day trips and return to Accra that very evening thus no money going into the Central Region economy. No hotel expenses only one meal.There has to be more marketing of the Central Region as a place to visit for a number of days. Accra gobbles tourists up and Ghana is fast getting a high cost destination reputation because of the high cost of Accra hotels. Innkeeper Ghana Tourism Authority Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts, Ghana Tougha Ghana

So when I saw the Barcamp Cape Coast conference announced on the theme ENHANCING DEVELOPMENT THROUGH CORPORATE AND PERSONAL BRANDING, I thought there was a real opportunity here for players in the hospitality industry to dialogue on how to brand Cape Coast as a place to not only visit, BUT A PLACE TO STAY AND EAT!

Then I read this

What’s this…youth this, youth that…branding these young change makers, doers and entrepreneurs. They don’t need branding…their establishments/businesses, their region needs branding. We know who they are, yes young, educated, tech savvy, social media users. They are the new future elite. But what about the topics relevant to the Central Region and beyond, the context of their lives….Yes, I wonder how many young social media users showed up to brainstorm ideas to market Cape Coast and the Central Regions out of poverty?? Probably not many, if participants mostly hear about Barcamp through social media. Sounds like an in-group of the most influential, innovative and inspirational young people in Ghana-in isolation.

Hopefully, the 6th Barcamp Cape Coast will reach out to the business community through its business associations and their government regulators to understand issues and identify strategies and find solutions through networking.