R is for Reciprocity. Let it start with Ghana!

Posted on September 18, 2014


Here’s another ‘Link I like’ article and again it’s on tourism and a particular aspect of tourism…you guessed it VISAS! The article is called “Here are 63 Countries You Can Travel to with No Visa from Ghana”. http://buzzghana.com/63-countries-can-travel-visa-ghana/

Here’s my comment when I posted it on the Scrap Short Term Tourist Visas to Ghana Facebook group page:

And the list will only grow as Ghana reaches out to the world by SCRAPPING SHORT TERM TOURIST VISAS TO GHANA, Hanna Tetteh. And so too will our Ghana Tourism, Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts, Ghana MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS AND REGIONAL INTEGRATION Ghana Tourism Authority Touristswatch.comWorld Tourism Organization (UNWTO) ‪#‎Ghana‬ ‪#‎whyIloveGhana‬

Yes, let it start with Ghana…when Ghana starts to open up to the world and scraps short term tourist visas, Ghana will see the benefits. Maybe not more ‘no visa required’ or ‘visa on arrival’ countries, but surely more international leisure tourist arrivals resulting in more jobs, investment, infrastructure, foreign exchange, and tax revenues.

One of the very few responses from government to the SCRAP SHORT TERM TOURIST VISAS TO GHANA campaign came from Hon Hanna Tetteh, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration, challenging scrap in terms of the lack of accessibility by Ghanaians to most countries. True. But why is the onus on the other countries to open first their borders to the citizens of higher risk/low trust countries? Doesn’t Ghana need international leisure tourists more than Ghana needs to lose its talented and educated youth to the highly developed industrialized countries?

I did post the link and my accompanying comment on the Ministry of Tourism’s Facebook page. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Affairs does not have a Facebook page.