Posted on September 25, 2014


My last post PRELUDE TO WORLD TOURISM DAY GHANA 2014 concerned Ghana’s Founding Father’s house and how little has been done by government to preserve the building. In short, the Deputy Minister of Tourism washed her hands of the situation saying in effect “You benefit from it, you do it.”

Well, another report on the situation entitled “Half Assini people sad, mad over rot of Nkrumah’s legacy” reveals the building being talked about was rather Nkrumah’s father’s house, referred to as “Nkrumah’s Rest House” in Half Assini where Kwame Nkrumah grew up.

Nkrumah Rest House

Yikes, what a mess! Sad really not only because it is a building of historical significance, but also it was once a functional building operational in the hospitality industry. Incidentally Half Assini is located on the Ghana_Ivory Coast Border and would surely have the overlander’s trade.
Furthermore, the original article makes reference to a senior high school student being responsible for overseeing Nkrumah’s legacy. In this regard, I recommended National Service Personnel, perhaps along with Museum and Monuments Board support, to put together something meaningful to appeal to tourists. Well it just seems like all departments within Ghana’s public service have problems. Very recently this scandal received national press attention: NSS Fraud: Tema Boss under Investigations

And in the next post, I address another issue, the tourism levy.