Posted on October 11, 2014


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Yes, Happy International Day of the Girl Child, and the timing couldn’t be more perfect happening back to back with Malala Yousafzaih of “I am Malala” book fame winning the Nobel Peace Prize, the youngest recipient ever! Recently I blogged about Malala in a post entitled “Malala, an inspiration”. And how appropriate is this year’s theme’Empowering adolescent girls: Ending the cycle of violence‘. What Malala really went through surviving a Taliban bullet to the head in October, 2012!

Four days ago, on LinkedIn, this post appeared establishing a new discussion on the Ghanaian Business group:

Ladies I have created the Ghana Women in Business & Leadership group if you are a woman in Ghana doing business or in a leadership…
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Here is my comment:

Chris Scott

Bravo, in the spirit of hashtag heforshe, how about… It’s all about Women supporting BUSINESS. Did you know that 1 in 11 jobs worldwide is in the tourism sector and the majority of job holders in the tourism sector are women? Yet in Ghana there is little or no political will to promote tourism, ironically despite the fact that there is a woman Minister of Tourism and a woman Minister of Foreign Affairs.

In this respect I initiated a social media campaign advocating for scrapping short term tourist visas to Ghana in May, 2013 in order to brand Ghana as a country open to tourism and to boost international leisure tourist arrivals. Not surprisingly, the campaign has failed to promote dialogue. I just thought some women in your network might be interested in joining the campaign in a leadership role to forward the sector that has so many women involved. Good luck with the group.

Yikes, no response since posting..hope I wasn’t overstepping entering a group addressed to “LADIES” I just think we are better together! After all business is business no matter who owns it. A successful business benefits all, all girl children, all boy children..so let’s work together to promote all businesses…

Hope I get a response….