Posted on October 15, 2014


Yes, Ebola is having an impact on tourism continent-wide as almost daily newspaper articles are highlighting developments affecting air travel and hotel bookings, or should I say cancellations

This update was posted on the South Africa Airways website.

And from Uganda and Namibia comes an eye-catching announcement of a webinar to be held on October 27th dealing with the following topics:

You’re going to discover…
Why the Ebola scare doesn’t have to hurt – and in fact, can be a HUGE opportunity.

The REAL reason tourism is affected by a crisis thousands of miles away.

A plan to ride out the storm with SOLID income.

A SECRET formula used by international companies to create trust, even in a crisis.

ebola map

and what of GHANA? Here’s an update from Continent Tours, one of the largest travel and tour companies specializing in West Africa.

Note, in the Washington Times article, mention is made of Ghana’s three-month ban on conferences.

Ghana and the Cape Verde archipelago of the West African coast may have the most robust tourism activity of that area, and Ghana has had to cancel all international meetings in Accra.

Well, the three-month ban expires at the end of October. I hope with all the support that has poured into Ghana to prepare Ghana for a possible outbreak, government displays confidence in the country that it could handle an emergency…like Nigeria and Senegal.

And at Four Villages Inn we just received a cancellation of a school group visit, a group we’ve hosted twice before..

Hi Chris, the Ebola scare got the better of our Senior management team.. trip cancelled as of this morning

but life goes on…