Ghana’s tourism sector underutilized – Colombian Ambassador: Fallout

Posted on October 20, 2014


Wow! This item entitled “Ghana’s tourism sector underutilized – Colombian Ambassador” appeared on my Facebook page this morning.

Look carefully at the publication date…OCTOBER 14, 2014…and do you know what the article was not picked up by any of the Ghanaian tourism portals including that just posted the item! You can be sure I shared the article to all these plus….I gave it a lot of attention on the SCRAP SHORT TERM TOURIST VISAS TO GHANA Facebook group page pointing out the fact that Colombia exempts most high revenue generating countries for 90 DAYS and all that Scrap is campaigning for is 30 DAYS! I wanted to add then the Ghana Immigration Services can catch tourists who overstay…but I kept my cool and worded it more diplomatically.

Speaking of which, I posted the article on the US Embassy FB page with the following comment:

I liked this and I hope that the Colombian Ambassador’s example will be discussed at the ambassador/high commissioner’s table.

I wanted to add like-minded ambassador/high commissioner’s table, but is Colombia a like-minded Western nation…maybe not and that’s why the ambassador spoke out!

One more comment…mention is made of President of the Ghana Tourism Federation, David Nana Anim, so I went to the GHATOF Facebook page to check if the article was posted there…NOPE!!!!!

Here is the description of the group:

Ghatof is the umbrella body for hospitality, leisure and tourism business businesses in Ghana with a core vision to advocate for private sector leadership in the development of responsible and sustainable tourism in Ghana.

I might add there are, I think, twenty-one associations in this umbrella organization.

Did you know that the last post on the GHATOF Facebook page was in November 20, 2013!

Here’s my comment preceding posting the article about the Colombian ambassador:

Just to mention, your President got mentioned in the news item below….hello is anybody home! This is a page for a federation…one would expect a little more activity on this page. There are lots of issues and news to relay to the 21 associations especially today when the industry is hurting !!!! Ghana Hotels Association, Tougha Ghana P.S. does your president David Anim have a FB page?