Posted on October 29, 2014


Yes, Ebola has hit the aviation and tourism sectors in West Africa, but….what do you think of this solution one travel and tour company, to remain anonymous, has come up with…

Mr General Manager
Dear hotel partner,
For about four months the West African economy, including aviation and tourism sectors
suffer from a decrease in activity due to the Ebola crisis that emerged in Guinea, Liberia
and Sierra Leone.
We must therefore all make an effort to promote our destination.
Currently the most competitive prices could help raise the attention of world travelers.
So we are asking you for a 40% reduction on the cost of accommodation for the period of
1st November 2014 to 30th April 2015. This will help us, ————, to design new trips
with a competitive price and so consequently you will have customers in this period of
Thank you in advance for the special care you will provide to our request

Remember, most hotels already give discounts to travel and tour companies to act as an incentive to bring clients to their facility. Four Villages Inn, small as we are, offers a 10% discount. Another 40% would mean a 50% reduction. Yes, half price! What would be the point? We would barely be able to cover our costs! I’m having a trouble with the reason for our lowering our rates to allow the travel and tour company to create new trips. How will new trips get us customers? We want them to sign up for old trips that will bring them back to Four Villages Inn!

Remember, I was a school teacher in a past life, not a business man, so help me out on this one.