Posted on November 2, 2014


Just recently, Ghana’s relentless civil society crusader Franklin Cudjoe, Founder and CEO of Imani Centre for Policy and Education, was in Morocco attending a yearly event THE ATLANTIC DIALOGUES. He took and posted some pictures on his Facebook Page. The first one even became his cover page

Franklin 2

and the second one I commented on:

Franklin Morocco 2

“Christopher Scott Morocco-a country where no tourist visas are required for citizens of countries generating large revenues. Incidentally, I’m more interested in the guy carrying the stick and the folded OMO box…LOL”

Why, you may ask, well, the guy carrying the stick looks dirt poor… and the folded OMO box…Well, OMO detergent is in Ghana big time. It is produced by Unilever and I just wonder what benefits the big multinationals bring to the people of Ghana and I guess Morocco. ….but that’s another issue.

But tourism…well look at Franklin’s photos and think of the spin-offs from the horse and buggy drivers to the local roadside snake charmer, not to mention hotels, restaurants, attraction sites and transportation to get between all these…tourism permeates economies, truly a labour intensive sector and that’s why tourism in many developed, developing and least developed countries have or are adopting tourism as the driver of their economies or a major contributor. But not in Ghana’s resource based, aid driven economy that is in great need of diversification.

But enough, this post is supposed to be focusing on Franklin Cudjoe, Ghana’s social media giant and civil society champion.
franklin 4

Yes, Franklin has contacts everywhere, even at Ghana’s Ministry of Tourism where he very recently paid a courtesy call on Mrs. Dzifa Abla Gomashie-Ahiaglo (Maama Dzramedo I) Deputy Minister of Tourism, Culture & Creative Arts.

Cudjoe with Dep
Here’s my comment after the post and Franklin’s response:

Christopher Scott Interested in learning about points covered in your “great discussion” – did the three-month ban on international events imposed by the Min of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration come up…what about plans for Ghana’s tourism bouncing back post Ebola…anything on visa policy…introducing revising Prohibitive Visa on Arrival regulations to Ghana or scrapping short term tourist visas to Ghana what about innovation visa sharing plans like that implemented in East Africa (Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda). Any plans on meeting THE MINISTER who is not on social media!!! And the Deputy Minister too has maxed her contacts!!! We must learn to separate the personal from the professional contacts!!
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Franklin Cudjoe Christopher, we discussed all…

I am grateful, but tourism in Ghana is a taboo subject….Imani has been tagged constantly on the campaign since its beginning on May 1, 2013. At one time, Imani assured me that two interns would study the issue. I approached the two names I was given, but neither contacted me and all was dropped…as the hot topic tourism in Ghana always is!

And to conclude, I share a less than twelve minute, succinct YouTube video entitled How is Morocco Planning to Create New Jobs recently presented by Huffington TV Africa. Required viewing for all tourism decision-makers in Ghana, including Imani Centre personnel, Franklin! Here’s the description accompanying the video:

Miranda Atty speaks to Mamoune Bouhdoud, the Moroccan Trade and Industry Delegate about creating jobs for Moroccans. In this extended interview Bouhdoud discusses jobs in the informal sector, youth unemployment and private sector management of public utilities.