Posted on November 4, 2014


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Did you know six years ago, Obama was elected President of the United States? Recognize him today from that picture above taken so long ago. Anyways today too is election day in the U.S., supposedly a referendum on his presidency. Here’s a little synopsis of what’s what:

“It’s midterm election day in the United States, as all 435 seats of the House of Representatives and 36 seats in the Senate are up for election. The key question is if Republicans can flip the six seats required to take control of the Senate.”

Well, if you follow this blog you’ll see that Obama in Ghana is one of the categories. Hope you check out a few of the posts on that historic visit which truly tested Ghana’s organizational abilities… Not too much posted in it of late, but here’s something…a couple of days ago Facebook friend Amos Anyimadu posted a wonderful song written for President Obama to commemorate his visit to Ghana in July, 2009

Amandzeba a.k.a Nat Brew

Amandzeba a.k.a Nat Brew

And here is the song Enjoy the true highlife rhythms. I love the line about “dismantling every military barrack”. Takes on real meaning as our President Mahama, Chairperson of the African Union’s High Level African Trade Committee (HATC), heads for Burkina Faso today to have a word or two with the generals!

Getting back to the song, I asked Amos if he was present at the performance of the song to Obama. Well, apparently there was no performance! The tape was presented to President Obama at the U.S. Embassy. I wonder if he ever listened to it? Pity. My comment on Amos’ Facebook page

“Christopher Scott …oh, no performance…surely a missed opportunity…yes, as I remember, there were big time planning difficulties…..”