Posted on November 8, 2014


Tadi theatre

This photo appeared on my Takoradi Facebook friend Amos Anyimadu’s page with the accompanying text:

After what the Western Region has done for our creative economy we need to complete this building NOW. Over twenty years in construction.

There was no mention of what the building was supposed to be. I commented and learned “A theatre”.

My first thought…who needs a theatre when all the world’s a stage and that Ghana is!!!!!

Then, my second thought was…who needs a theatre when almost weekly Accra provides enough entertainment to last lifetimes. Oh, the Chinese chair saga! But where have all the writers gone longtime passing? Augh, alas, they have gone to greener pastures longtime ago. But, oh, what a satire it would make in a true Jonathan Swift A Modest Proposal tradition. But writing satire is hard and I’m not sure if it is in the Ghanaian tradition (help me if you can). So just a plain narrative in documentary, expose style for future generations to cry over would do.

But now in and for the present, for that uncompleted theatre, who will write the play or perhaps even the screenplay?….there were rumours that Ghana’s world cup fiasco in Brazil was going to reach the silver-screen.

If only there were more works ready for performance, then maybe the theatre would be completed…we can only wait and hope.