Africa Travel Association Congress Opens in Uganda + (1)

Posted on November 12, 2014


From one huge tourism event, the World Tourism Market (WTM) 2014 in London, England, to the next the Africa Travel Association Congress in Uganda…both of which I missed.
But I did attend one international tourism fair in Montreal Canada in late October, my first ever! Wow, people or should I say potential travellers. business! Ghana wasn’t there, but I didn’t expect it there as I knew the WTM, the granddaddy of all markets, was scheduled in early November.
photo (25)
But Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya were there all in a row touting their 1 visa for three countries program.
photo (23)
Note that Tanzania was also at the Salon, but in another location separate from her East African neighbours, but now a few weeks later Tanzania is rumored ready to join the EAST AFRICA TOURIST VISA SCHEME in order to market East Africa as a single destination in effort to boost our tourism sector.
photo (27)
And I went to the Africa Travel Association kiosk at the Montreal Salon where I picked up their country membership list.
photo (26)

Hmmmm……notice anything? I asked and was told the list wasn’t up to date…I went to the A.T.A. website, but there is no access to membership names-country or otherwise-to non-members.

So if anybody’s reading this and knows, tell me Ghana is a member??????
Well, onto other things, the timing is perfect for the conference given this announcement!

and of course Tanzania’s news although it is not official. But oh what a draw the East African block will become!