Posted on November 16, 2014


I’ll keep this short. A couple of days ago, my Facebook buddy posted this article entitled “Graphic Others Launch Ghana Heritage Week” asking “Promising?” tagged to me Christopher Scott and the proprietor of Busua Inn?Elize Bay’s Olivier Funfschilling. My response “It’s a start.” which was liked by Olivier.

Then I got thinking and putting one and one together-no disconnects here-I connected the Heritage Week (December 8 to 13th) dates with the previously announced Ghana Tourism Authority’s National Awards on December 11th…so I cautiously commented on Amos’ page:

Christopher Scott: having a little trouble…and who will win the G.T.A. National Tourism Awards in the category “Tourism-oriented Media of the Year” to be held December 11, 2014 smack right in the middle of the Daily Graphic’s Heritage Week?

Well, I guess one could say good timing, because it bring all the more attention to TOURISM combining the Graphic’s winning the media prize which it undoubted will and the Heritage Week, but really…oh you draw your own conclusions and comment…

Just checking another small detail…did the on-line version of the article appear in the print edition?