Posted on November 17, 2014


Lately I’ve been reading old posts, ones that have been read recently. Here’s one of them entitled GHANA NATIONAL TOURISM AWARDS-AFTER, the contents I had forgotten about.

In August 2013, the Ghana Tourism Authority’s road show came to Kumasi to give advance publicity to upcoming December 2013 National Awards Ceremony, the first in six years!

The main idea was to put forward three nominations-Four Villages Inn for guest house of the year, Comfort of Kumasi Central Market Tour fame for Walking Tour Guide of the Year, and me for Innovator of the Year…
kumasi market
Well, we all went home empty-handed even Comfort whose fabulous accolades had reached the authority through a photocopy of Comfort’s review book…

Joe Bentum in the company of Comfort in Kumasi Central Market

Joe Bentum in the company of Comfort in Kumasi Central Market

Now fast forward to 2014
…on November 3rd, the Ashanti Regional awards were held without much fanfare-one of ten other award ceremonies held around the country. Again, Comfort went home without even a nomination…

Now on December 11, the 2014 Awards will be held in Accra..I hope that there will be a walking tour guide category to inspire others to embark on a career providing international leisure tourists with an authentic travel experience. Another candidate would be Charles Sablah who does the Nima experience, but Comfort has been doing it over a decade and there will be enough prize winners from the capital city!
And as for Four Villages-we are No. 1 in the region and perhaps in the country for what we offer, but alas the Ghana Tourism Authority’s opinion is bigger is better and growth/expansion is the true indicator of success!

…and as for me as “innovator” or ““Supporter of Tourism Activities” are you kidding!

…and if this post has got the attention of anybody at the Ghana Tourism Authority…don’t forget those two all important categories WEBSITE OF THE YEAR and SOCIAL NETWORKER OF THE YEAR??? I didn’t see any winners listed in those two categories in the Ashanti Regional Awards….well here is my nomination for SOCIAL NETWORKER OF THE YEAR