NOV. 19TH HAPPY UN WORLD TOILET DAY: from puppets, to Clean Team, to me!

Posted on November 19, 2014


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You got that right Nelson Mandela. Ghana seems to be stuck in time. Just where does all that debt money go?

Anyways the worldwide statistics are telling…and here’s a blog post entitled “On World Toilet Day, New Sesame Muppet Raya Invites Children to be Part of the Solution” about an intervention using puppets to create change….

But I kinda like this approach to the problem:
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And for a Kumasi perspective on the issue, here’s an article from THE GUARDIAN entitled World Toilet Day: business steps in to tackle open defecation with affordable toilets Here’s the relevant point:

The coalition will provide significant expertise and support infrastructure to four pilot sanitation business models. The first, already established, is the Clean Team project in Kumasi, Ghana. Run by WSUP using Unilever-designed chemical home toilets, it offers a private, clean and cheap alternative to paid-for public toilets. The customer pays monthly for the service of having the waste cartridges removed every two or four days. So far it has been taken up in 700 homes, employing 35 largely local people as sales and operational staff.

…and wish me luck! No, I’m not constipated, nor do I have the runs…just that I might be flushed down life’s proverbial toilet as I am scheduled for surgery on November 19th. As you might have guessed it’s my heart that many think is in the wrong place. LOL!!!

Update: Surgery postponed to December 8th…excuse the pun, I guess I’m relieved…..