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Hi, I was born in 1946. At present I am an innkeeper. In a former lifetime I was a school teacher and administrator. I am married to a Ghanaian. We have two wonderful kids, one here in Ghana and the other in Canada. As a young man I spent ten years in Africa. Now we have been back since 1999, plenty of time to see what life and business is all about and hopefully plenty of time to try to create awareness with the hope that there may be  a hint of change around me.

Here in Ghana, I am deeply involved in the GHANA HOTELS ASSOCIATION and THE ROTARY CLUB. With the G.H.A. I am a former Ashanti regional secretary and now Special Assistant to the Chairman and with Kumasi East Rotary Club I am the in-coming secretary for Rotary Foundation. The motto of the Ghana Hotels Association is “SERVICE, with a smile.” and that of Rotary is “SERVICE above self.”

Have you ever tried to sum up your life in one word? Well, I guess for yours truly,Chris Scott, it would be the word “SERVICE.” After university, I joined the Canadian University  SERVICES Overseas and left for Africa to SERVE in the Zambian Education SERVICE for two years. Then I transferred to Ghana to SERVE another two years as a volunteer working for the Ghanaian Education SERVICE all teaching English as a Second Language. This was followed by another six years with the Ghanaian Education SERVICE on local contract training teachers to take up positions in the primary and middle schools of Ghana.

Back in Canada, I worked for the Quebec Education SERVICE as a teacher for four years, then as a pedagogical consultant for Teaching SERVICES promoting a wide variety of courses in the elementary and secondary schools for the same school board. Following this came two years as an Education Officer with Protestant Education SERVICE promoting a non-proselytizing moral and religious education program across the Province of Quebec. Then came two years as a private education consultant operating my own firm Making a Difference (MAD) Education SERVICES. My career in education came to an end in 1999 following six years as a primary school and special education teacher in the James Bay Native Cree Education SERVICE.

Since 1999, I’ve been back in Ghana operating FOUR VILLAGES INN. Customer SERVICE and client based SERVICE are our watchwords.

On May 1, 2013, I initiated the Facebook Group page SCRAP SHORT TERM TOURIST VISAS TO GHANA and a CHANGE.ORG petition. Hopefully, this will be of great SERVICE to the nation of GHANA.

And as stated above, the main intent of this blog is to provide a SERVICE, to create awareness and promote change in Ghana, the country where I have spent almost half my adult life… SERVING.

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  1. villagerainbows

    May 31, 2009

    By being awarded several times by the Ghana Tourist board, you have long fulfilled my prophecy that you would become a famous hotelier. And now with your new blog, you have taken one more step in fulfilling the role of “elder statesmen”, offering constructive criticism and complements when either or both are warranted. May your contributions to this wonderful country keep coming, and may your blessings grow in response.

  2. A true gentleman, cantankerous though on Ghanaian issues that he is passionate about! And why not? If more of us “native” Ghanaians had half his passion, development might be just that bit quicker.

  3. I wonder if we have ever met. I was also a CUSO volunteer – came to Ghana in 1997 and stayed!!!

    • Hi Holli, Don’t think we’ve met. And I’m not surprised you haven’t seen my blog. I’m new at it-just winging it. Also Kumasi is far from the maddening crowd. You sound so upbeat…commendable after more than a decade. You don’t want to know me-I’ve become rather pessimistic about the future of this country that I love so much . I believe it has lost it’s moral compass for many reasons..Tired now-can’t even update MADINGHANA-blogging is great-what a catharsis.

      Best wishes,


  4. Thanks Chris – don’t be fooled! I am highly jaded and pessimistic. Over a beer the real story comes out!!!

    But I write to keep positive if that makes sense!!

    Did you visit my site? You are definitely welcome to read. There’s a healthy does of cynisism between the lines!!!

    Take care and keep in touch!!

    • Hi Holli,

      I sure did go to your site. WHAT A BANNER! Loved the hawker item-you must have a way with people to create that item without dropping a wad!

      I’m going to have to change my blogging philosophy-I write to stay sane! Well I’m going to start today-yesterday’s post Econotourism was a bit of a satire…touring economic disasters!

      Must read the item written by the Kenyan in 03 about writing in Africa.


      Best wishes,

      Charity and Chris Scott, Hosts 233-(0)51-22682 233-(0)20-7667559 scottash@hotmail.com http://www.fourvillages.com/ https://madinghana.wordpress.com/ PROUD SUPPORTER OF SCOTT TRADE INSTITUTE “EASILY THE NICEST PLACE TO STAY IN KUMASI.” ROUGH GUIDE TO WEST AFRICA, JUNE, 2008 KUMASI #1 GUESTHOUSE/B&B ON THE TRIP ADVISOR SITE 3 x GUEST HOUSE OF THE YEAR WINNER, FREE INTERNET “MUCH, MUCH MORE THAN JUST A PLACE TO STAY.”

  5. I like your blog. So I enlisted it on my blogroll.

  6. I really like your blog, especially the mission behind it and would like to trade links with you and work with you.
    Take a look at my website http://www.ghanalinx.com. We are based in Canada as well. Thanks


  7. JuliaManhattan

    May 9, 2012

    Do you have a recommendation on Panafest? Is it worth attending?

    • Really can’t say. Sorry. I’ll try to think of somebody who could reply. There is a web site…I think.


  8. JuliaManhattan

    May 30, 2012

    Hi,I’m doing a piece on tourism in Cape Coast, Elmina, & the forts & would like very much to interview you. Can you email me your contact info? tks very much


  9. Lone Liboriussen

    October 12, 2012

    I have just found your blog because I was looking for Almighty God Art Works. I did my anthropological fieldwork and a film about Kwame Akoto many years ago. If your get the chance will you please pass my kindest regards to my friend from Lone from Denmark. I hope he still remembers me. I spent alot of time with him from 1987-88 and again in 1980 – in 1980 with both my husband and baby daughter Ida. I wonder if there is a way I can contact him today? Best regards, Lone Liboriussen.

  10. “life and business in a third world country”? are you kidding me? the idea of the third world was over about 30 years ago. the fact that the expression is even used today simply reflects how difficult it is to get people to evolve their thinking. sad.

    • ya, just celebrated my 67 birthday…the expression kinda dates me, not people. I’m sad. I just could never bring myself to refer to here as an emergent nation as it never has evolved, thinking or otherwise. so help me how do I refer to here?

      • I don’t like “developing country”, because often it is not developing. So I usually use “Underdeveloped country”, which I believe is very accurate. While the ideal level of socioeconomic development can be debated, it is fairly noncontroversial that Ghana hasn’t reached it yet. Let alone the ideal level of human development, which I think no country has yet reached.

      • Ghana is a developing country! And developing faster, than many other – even Western countries! Ghana became independent 1957. Since then – There was a Western staged coup. World Bank pressure, IMF pressure, and NEO-colonialism in form of overtaking again Ghanaian companies and wealth (best example Anglo-Ashantie gold mines). Still: There is freedom of Press and speech. Developing small scale businesses. Compare this with the back-developing countries of Europe and USA!
        Yes – there is poverty, but so is in the Western World! To call Ghana a “underdeveloped country”, is generally spoken wrong!

      • come and live here! I suggest you read a book called WHY NATIONS FAIL! and maybe follow in the press what is happening here like read the comments made in a speech by Kojo Asamoah head of the TUC and what did the authoritarian government call his comments ‘simplistic’.

  11. Hello, Have not seen a direct contact form. I would like to use on of your images, (As well some of your text. In return, I would place a link to your website) – with permission – on our website http://www.ghana-net.com
    Image is on that page: https://madinghana.wordpress.com/2012/11/05/receipt-stories-kumasi-airport-besease-traditional-shrine/
    My mail: ghananet-net@hotmail.co.uk


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