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NOV. 19TH HAPPY UN WORLD TOILET DAY: from puppets, to Clean Team, to me!

November 19, 2014


You got that right Nelson Mandela. Ghana seems to be stuck in time. Just where does all that debt money go? Anyways the worldwide statistics are telling…and here’s a blog post entitled “On World Toilet Day, New Sesame Muppet Raya Invites Children to be Part of the Solution” about an intervention using puppets to create […]


November 17, 2014


Lately I’ve been reading old posts, ones that have been read recently. Here’s one of them entitled GHANA NATIONAL TOURISM AWARDS-AFTER, the contents I had forgotten about. In August 2013, the Ghana Tourism Authority’s road show came to Kumasi to give advance publicity to upcoming December 2013 National Awards Ceremony, the first in six years! […]

Africa Travel Association Congress Opens in Uganda + (1)

November 12, 2014


From one huge tourism event, the World Tourism Market (WTM) 2014 in London, England, to the next the Africa Travel Association Congress in Uganda…both of which I missed. But I did attend one international tourism fair in Montreal Canada in late October, my first ever! Wow, people or should I say potential travellers. business! Ghana […]

Bono apologizes, but not Four Villages Inn, Kumasi!

October 15, 2014


Today Bono apologized for the free release of album SONGS OF INNOCENCE on iTunes. I got it and I haven’t deleted it. In fact, this very morning I was playing it when I saw the announcement of the apology on the CBC news channel! Coincidence…but such is life and coincidence often spurs remembrance, like years […]


October 11, 2014


Yes, Happy International Day of the Girl Child, and the timing couldn’t be more perfect happening back to back with Malala Yousafzaih of “I am Malala” book fame winning the Nobel Peace Prize, the youngest recipient ever! Recently I blogged about Malala in a post entitled “Malala, an inspiration”. And how appropriate is this year’s […]

Malala, an inspiration

September 14, 2014


Just finished “I am Malala” by Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani teenager who got shot in the head by the Taliban in October, 2012. Coincidentally, just a day or two ago, it was reported that ten of her assailants were captured. What an inspiring story of a passionate campaigner for the rights of girls to go […]

Scrap short term tourist visas to Ghana: Is this why?

April 21, 2014


After almost a year campaigning, sometimes I think there is no way the scrap short term tourist visas to Ghana campaign can succeed! On a macro level, for so long a time, Ghana, despite all the international hype, fails…and in the tourism sector, there have been nothing but bad memories…. And heaven forbid, if we […]