Snippet of Life: Ghanaian Toddlers in the Front Seat of Cars!

no picture for this post for obvious reasons

This morning I went to a local store to get a tray of eggs for the breakfast. Anyways, when I’m leaving the store, I had to carefully avoid bumping into a young man carrying a plastic container full of pastries to the store. I passed him by and immediately happened on a uniformed policewoman standing outside her car on the driver’s side. In the front of her car, dwarfed by the passenger seat, was the smallest toddler sitting there. I started to pass by, but then reconsidered.
I addressed the policewoman, “You know you shouldn’t have a child that young in the front seat. Imagine I am saying this to you, a policewoman. But it’s the one thing that really upsets me here in Ghana.”
She replied, “I know. It’s while we wait…when we start moving…”
I proceeded to my car; and when I passed by her car, she had gone around to the passenger side where the child was still sitting in the front seat, but this time she standing erect talking on her mobile phone.

Undoubtedly, the young man I had passed was delivering the pastries for her and had been sitting in the front with the young child.

And I can only presume that the young man returned, put the young child on his lap in the front seat and they drove away.

AN ASIDE: Maybe I should have said, “I thought you police were on single spine salary scale and don’t have to do this small business anymore….but she would have had an answer for this too….

A further aside…why didn’t she deliver her pastries to the store herself leaving the young man and her child sitting in the passenger seat waiting?

In that case, I wouldn’t have said a thing….

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