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No political will to develop tourism: theory no. 5

February 21, 2013


Speaking of Ministers of Tourism, it always seems that these are patronage appointments, that is rewarding the party faithful. And it seems that the new Minister of Tourism is no exception. She, and they’ve been shes for as long as I can remember, is a lawyer and her papa held a post in a past […]

No political will to develop tourism: theory no. 4

February 20, 2013


Yes, the Ministry of Tourism is underfunded. Even this year Ghana was NOT represented at the World Travel Market held in London every November. World Travel Market just happens to be the leading global event for the travel industry, and Ghana over the years has usually been there. BUT THIS YEAR GHANA DID NOT GO! […]

No political will to develop tourism: theory no 3

February 19, 2013


This theory is fact. It has been alluded to countless times throughout this blog. Ghana’s economy is based on its rich natural resources, both renewable and non-renewable. Tourism though relies on human resources, that is the Ghanaian people generating wealth in the service sector. Recently, this was highlighted by the mysterious arrival of 1.5 tonnes […]


February 18, 2013


What important day in Ghana is just around the corner? can’t the important things change or is that adage always true…the more things change the more they stay the same….


February 12, 2013


Subtitle CANADIAN TAX PAYERS’ MONEY AT WORK IN GHANA Here’s where I read it first on Monday February 11…on the somewhat salacious Ghanaweb website….note at the head of the article it says the death happened on a Wednesday, that was Wednesday, January 30th! Ghana’s The Daily Guide first covered the story, but I missed that […]