Posted on August 30, 2009


And now for a post that dear  Charity doesn’t like! All this noise does have a lot of negative effects, but one not discussed to date is the terrible stress it can put on a marriage. Not only does the noise make us  irritable at times , but we can also start taking  out our frustrations on one another, blaming one another  for action taken or not taken.

Anyways, I got back from a  wonderful day exploring Kumasi and surrounds in order to create more publicity for new exciting places and people to visit. I jokingly tell Comfort, the guide, and Paul, the brass smith, that I’m doing all this research for no other reason than the more tourists have to see and do the longer they’ll stay at FOUR VILLAGES INN!

Maybe I should think the more tourists have to see and do, the more they are away from FOUR VILLAGES INN and potential noise pollution that can strike at any time….

Like when I got back to F.V.I. from this  excursion…so…where is the noise coming from-front, side, back. SIDE AGAIN! That stunning three star hotel with the pool to beat all pools is having another youth party. What a sick example to the youth of the city to hold a poolside party beside a quagmire! These are the messages…these are the role models that influence the young who in turn perpetuate the spiral downwards of standards and standard of living…accepting the unacceptable I say.

crystal rose= pool

Now let me tell you it WAS LOUD…..ACTUALLY DEAFENING!

Charity is on the veranda and tells me she was over at Crystal Rose and the music was lower and that it would finish at 8:00 p.m.  She also heard from a friend that there had been a show on noise pollution on an F.M. station in Takoradi.

So, I start phoning….

1. Elton Brobby, the radio host-I told him I wanted to be on the radio again  the K.M.A. Environmental Health.He said that the  Accra affiliate station picked up the show and people heard our F.V.I. story. He said that he was waiting for the September action by the E.P.A./K.M.A.

2. Mr. Adarkwa from the E.P.A. who was on the radio with me, was in Obuasi and no personnel were on duty on the weekend or at night to monitor or enforce  noise pollution. I got the old line-“go to the K.M.A.”

3. so I phone Mr.Donkor who kindly picks up his phone-I’m sure he has my name and number in his cell phone memory. Anyways, the gentleman he is, he informs me that with the E.P.A., the K.M.A. is going to approach the situation, “scientifically”.

I tell him I was on the radio with E.P.A. and the equipment needs to be re-calibrated and anyways nobody works after 5:00p.m. and on weekends. I tell Mr. Donkor I would like to  attend the September 2nd meeting……silence.

4. I phoned Mr. Ben Anane Nsiah, Regional Manager of the Ghana Tourist Board, who:

-never comes to FOUR VILLAGES INN-‘easily the nicest place to stay in Kumasi’, yet under threat!

-never answers calls from FOUR VILLAGES INN

-never replies to e-mails from FOUR VILLAGES INN

-never replies to text messages from FOUR VILLAGES INN

like this one sent when he didn’t answer his phone…..” Blastng music fr Crystal Rose. Guests @her other hotel-second time this week. Go 2 Facebook. 4 Villages.

Christopher Scott Crystal Rose Hotel, Atasomanso, is hosting a party which means blasting music in this first class residential zone while the Crystal Rose Hotel in Ahodwo receives guests! Christian?


Well, the party stopped at 9:00 p.m. -Charity was there asking them to stop. Just after closing,  a big government vehicle from an Ashanti department pulled into the parking lot and out got four people to stay at the hotel…

Charity says she is going to meet with Crystal Rose’s daughter who seems to be in charge here while powerful momma is always in Accra. I advised Charity to have the Ghana Tourist Board present.

More to follow, but Gawd I wish there wasn’t. I’d just like to post posts that Charity likes. But it seems the more attention we bring to the problem, the worse it gets….no kidding!